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Why iceberg?

The Cultural Iceberg

The iceberg as an analogy for culture illustrates that just a small portion of cultural elements are visible, like the tip of an iceberg above water, including language, dress, and food. The bulk of what defines culture—values, beliefs, and thought processes—remains hidden beneath the surface. This metaphor highlights the complexity of cultural understanding, emphasizing the need to look beyond superficial aspects to grasp the deeper components that shape behaviors and interactions within societies.

Abstract Iceberg
Tea with Dates
Tea with Dates

At ICLC, we delve beyond the surface to bridge cultural divides. Our mission is to harness the power of understanding and innovation to create tools that foster deep cross-cultural connections. By focusing on the unseen elements that drive societies, ICLC is at the forefront of developing solutions for effective communication and collaboration across diverse cultural landscapes. Join us on a journey to discover what lies beneath the surface of the cultural iceberg.

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