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Image by Hans-Peter Gauster


The International Communication and Language Center (ICLC) offers a specialized research service tailored for businesses aiming to expand their operations in the Middle East or Japan. Understanding the challenges of entering new markets, ICLC provides comprehensive research solutions that help companies navigate the complexities of local laws, market conditions, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes.


This service is designed to cater to the needs of businesses at various stages of their expansion journey, whether they are in the initial planning phase, seeking to understand the legal requirements for market entry, or looking to gain a deeper insight into consumer preferences and trends. ICLC's research service combines the power of internet research with the invaluable insights provided by local researchers, offering a dual approach to gather the most relevant and up-to-date information.


The internet research component leverages advanced search techniques and access to a wide range of online databases and resources to compile data on market trends, legal regulations, potential competitors, and other critical factors that can influence business success in these regions. This is complemented by the local researchers' efforts, who are native to the Middle East or Japan. Their on-the-ground presence and understanding of the local context provide an added layer of depth to the research, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on comprehensive and nuanced insights.


ICLC's research service is particularly beneficial for those looking to understand the intricate details of local laws that govern business operations, from regulatory compliance and intellectual property rights to labor laws and taxation. Additionally, it offers valuable information on market dynamics, including consumer demographics, purchasing behaviors, and emerging trends, which are crucial for tailoring products and services to meet the specific needs of the target market.


By leveraging ICLC's research service, businesses can significantly reduce the risks associated with international expansion and increase their chances of success in the Middle East or Japan. This service is an essential tool for anyone looking to gather detailed and reliable information on the laws, market conditions, and consumer preferences in these strategically important regions.

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